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’ and I said without thinking it through in any way, ‘Of course.’ We were almost teenagers in love [he in fact was 23 and Monroe 22] and you don’t ever get over your first love.”His throwaway remark was to come back to haunt him a decade later when the couple met again on the set of Some Like It Hot, both having found fame – and marriage to other people – in the intervening years.Curtis was married to Janet Leigh, with whom he had one daughter and another – who would become actress Jamie Lee Curtis – on the way.May his soul rest in peace and long live Curtis family.TONY Curtis first met a beautiful starlet named Marilyn Monroe in the autumn of 1948.“I’ll never forget the moment I first saw her. “I really liked her and she liked me.”After their first few dates the couple spent the night together at a friend’s beach house and Curtis realised he was falling in love with Monroe.His ability to perform in every genre made his iconic and untouchable in between 1950's and 60's.In his entire career and movies he has given numerous bold scenes and shirtless scenes.Curtis debut movie was Criss Cross which was released on 1949 as a dancer, his second movie City Across the River made him more stable in the industry.His successful career went high only on 1950's and 60's with back to back great movies.

After his demise America lost the most talented and respected actor with the great legacy.She hadn’t forgotten his promise.“She kept reminding me that I had said I would marry her when we were both successful.Whenever she smiled at me and said, ‘Let’s get divorced and then get married,’ a little thought went through my head of, ‘Yeah that might be nice.’ Then I would remember how miserable marriage had made me and put it out of my mind. They then began what he said was his first true love affair.“I never felt like that about a girl before,” Curtis said. She gave him her number but it was a week before he had the courage to ask her out.

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