Who is brendan fraser dating now

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The reason for the separation is said to be an actress named Maria Bello. After the separation, Maria and Brendan were never seen together so it is assumed to just be a rumor.Brendan became very close with Maria on the movie sets when they were filming in China. Maria did not comment on whether she was the reason for the separation and why they broke up. Another Woman Though the separation settlement is very much in the public, Brendan has not wanted to talk about it to the media.

After being ordered to pay 300 thousand dollars in child support, Brendan wanted to find a way reduce his alimony after suffering a serious injury.

His ex wife claimed that he was hiding 9 million dollars from the movie he signed up for when they were about to get divorced.

Brendan said that most of his movies are not yet released and he had no other movies lined up which made him broke.

Born Brendan Fraser was born on the 3rd of December, 1968.

His age is currently 48 years and he is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Brendan is a very down to earth person who is known for being very approachable to his fans, even when he meets them on the street.