Who is andre rison dating facts about teen dating abuse

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The house the couple shared was completely burned to the ground.

But Rison forgave Lopes and the pair rekindled their relationship.

with the all-time highest selling girl group TLC, Left Eye began dating Atlanta Falcons NFL player Andre Rison. after leaving a nightclub, girlfriend at the time Left Eye, was highly upset when she came home and found loads of new clothing and shoes placed on the bed, but nothing was for her.

There were accusations that the couple had physical altercations a few times in the past, so this wasn’t the first time things got heated between the two. They then got into a heated argument, which led to them fighting outside in the driveway and Left Eye bashing the windows out of his car.

In November that year, unbothered, Lopes appeared on the cover of was released, Lopes challenged her group members to release rival solo albums.

When Watkins and Thomas refused, Lopes went it alone.

On April 25, Lopes was driving a rented Mitsubishi Montero SUV when she swerved off the road. In a statement, her TLC partners, Watkins and Thomas said: "We had all grown up together and were as close as a family.She also speaks about her allegedly abusive relationship with Rison, while running her fingers across a sinister carving of the word "HATE" on her forearm.There's also footage that eerily foreshadows Lopes' accident.She emphasised her nickname ' Left Eye' (given to her by a previous boyfriend who noticed her left eye was larger than her right) by wearing a pair of glasses with the right lens covered by a condom – from early in her career Lopes outwardly promoted safe sex and female empowerment. Finally, I grabbed her and asked her what was wrong.TLC enjoyed a series of smash hits, including , she was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father and later would speak of her own drinking problem. But she kept coming at me."Eventually Rison left the house and went to stay with one of his team mates.

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She describes feeling like she's being followed by a spirit, and believing the spirit is trying to kill her, but got the young boy instead. The footage of the final moments of her life were recovered from the wreckage and is played at the end of film; the screams of the other passengers in the vehicle are haunting.