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Kaitlin flunks a school presentation and gets assigned to a new tutor, a boy named Will who won't be easy for her to take advantage of.

Who could forget the mess season three devolved into when Ryan was helping Sadie and Marissa was entangled with Johnny's death and then with Volchok.

Perhaps fans didn't like seeing more conflict between the Seth and Summer relationship.

This episode does feature some great cameos though, such as by Paris Hilton and Colin Hanks.

This leads to a fight from Summer and Marissa who aren't entirely happy with this announcement.

Elsewhere, Ryan is dealing with the return of his biological father, supposedly.The relationship with Marissa and Volchok takes a turn for the worse as Volchok proves to be the worst thing for Marissa.She falls back into her old habits while with him and it leads to potentially damaging consequences.One of the most hated storylines in the show had to be the involvement of Johnny.Mainly, fans didn't like it when Marissa was sent off to another school and started having a pseudo-romance with Johnny while she was still dating Ryan.

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But it winds up causing trouble when Sandy and Kristen find out he's been lying.

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