Utorrent tracker updating stuck

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from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_or https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_all_Extra info(if any) (type here) It seems like it's because it's all assigned a # of "0" thus they're being treated as one "unit" Highlighting the newly-added trackers, then clicking the arrow buttons at the right-hand area of the window beside the trackers list will cause the program to renumber and they will be recognised [email protected] the buttons that @paolorodriguez mentioned are the Up and Down arrow buttons on the right side of the trackers list that adjust the order of the trackers.Update: on 4.0.4 x64 this appears to be solved if you go into Advanced options and tick "Always announce to all trackers in a tier", although this isn't default behavior (but probably should be). I won't call it "solved" if the default setting still causes problem.One can argue it's "expected" or "intended" that multiple trackers added together will have the same tier, but what about creating torrents? I have the freshest list of the best trackers but all says "Not contacted yet" and I cannot make them announce!EDIT -- seems that it's enough to add this to config file: Advanced\Announce To All Trackers=true This is still an issue on qbt 4.0.4!The "clicking the arrow buttons at the right-hand area of the window" workaround works. Easy workaround: select any tracker in "Trackers" tab of that torrent and move it down or up once via those up/down buttons, doing so will make all those trackers work (even after restart) :) Example (screenshot is not mine): Connection, Maximum number of connections per torrent is 50.Edit your file and add the following to the [Preferences] section and restart the service: Advanced\Announce To All Trackers=true This worked for me.q Bittorrent version and Operating System: This is a wide issue, affects various versions and OS, however I can confirm v3.3.11 (and a few previous versions) on Windows 7.

Remember their bandwidth is a finite resource, and most would then end up with a status of ' Still happening in 4.0.4 x64 on Win, also seems to happen when adding a torrent with multiple predefined trackers in it.Steps to reproduce: Extra info(if any): I stuck for months trying to solve the problem, the problem is very wide because this even affect some non-q Bittorrent clients(such as Transmission), but I can exclude causes such as OS, network, seeding resources, because the exact same torrents works fine on u Torrent. btw thanks sam1275 for saving me a great deal of frustration! Windows 10 Ultimate I sometimes [more rare than often] get a similar "Stalled" prompt with V3312 using Win10.Then I just found if I set "maximum number of half open connections" to non-zero values (I set it to highest, 99999), the problem seems to be solved, all torrents will start downloading immediately, and it continues working as I tested these days, including adding different torrents, reboot, reinstall with clean user setting files. Especially noticeable if transitioning from/between IPs (i.e. Seems to get corrected if "Force Start/Resume" (torrent' right click) menu item is selected.Also, as you said, the max connections per torrent is 50 , but it can be increased.You also seem to be confused as to how the Bit Torrent protocol operates - trackers simply provide a list of peers for a given torrent file; they don't host the files themselves, which is why it's so hard to shut them down.

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q Bit Torrent won't allow over 2000 and Deluge over 9000 global connections, so this puts an upper limit on half open connections at once.

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