Updating sprint pcs phone

Posted by / 22-Sep-2019 06:13

Updating sprint pcs phone

You're driving down a remote dirt road and you need to make a call -- but your cell phone is in a dead zone and doesn't get a signal.

Rather than just throwing up your hands in disgust and driving until you get reception, there are alterations you can make to your phone as well as products you can use to boost your wireless reception.

1- You only pay for 70% of the phone and then need to pay off 30% after the 18 months is up.

2- In select states you CANNOT buy out the phone after the 18 months due to law.

They “triage” you with a representative while going through a LONG script before finally connecting you with them), and tech support AND customer service have extremely limited hours. Long story short, you call tech support, whatever issue you have is resolved for a few days to placate you, and then the same issue will resurface.

MAKE SURE YOU PAY YOUR PHONE OFF BEFORE THE LEASE ENDS or Sprint forces you to rent and not be able to own.

3- The biggest flaw with this plan is you need to VERBALLY let them know you want to buy out or upgrade or etc.

After more calls and chat sessions I find out they have another 48 hours to unlock the phone.

So essentially they are holding my phone hostage to inconvenience me. Not to mention how much money I have paid them over the last year, leases for both phones and monthly service fee my bill was 0 a month X 12 months = 2760.00. Now I bought my phone outright for 3 with tax and Sprint wanted 0 for the same phone and I pay 0 per year for new service at 12 G a month!

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