Updating mcafee offline

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Updating mcafee offline

From a desktop browser window, connect to the Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise for Linux (VSEL) Monitor (WEB interface) of the Linux system being reviewed and logon with the nails user account. Under "Scheduled Tasks", under "Task Summaries", with the assistance of the Mc Afee VSEL SA, identify the Virus Scan DAT update task.

Verify the "Type" is "Update" and the "Status" is "Completed" with Results of "Update Finished".

After the task runs, a (Completed) response will be returned.

If you've been using computers a long time, you know very well that you need to install antivirus protection on all your PCs.

In the VSEL WEB Monitor, under "Schedule", select "Product Update". When to update", select "Daily" and choose every "1" day(s), click on "Next". Choose what to update", select "Virus definition files (also known as DAT files), and click on "Next". Enter a task name", give the task a unique task name for the daily update, and click on "Finish".

Configure an /etc/crontab entry for the Linux Shield Update.

When describing the problem, the security firm stated, “Mc Afee has identified an issue with DAT 68 that is causing intermittent issues with Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8.x.To validate without the Web interface, access the Linux system being reviewed, either at the console or by a SSH connection.At the command line, enter the command "/opt/NAI/Linux Shield/bin/nails task --list".“We’re aware that some of our customers have lost access to the internet after recent updates by Mc Afee,” the Internet service provider noted.However, affected users can rest assured that the problem is fixable.

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