Updating inside

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Updating inside

Upgrading the phone lines inside your house may certainly help.But as you can see above, there are other things that could be at fault.

There may be high hopes that he will be able to get his suspension lifted or reduced, but we saw him miss nearly two full seasons from 2016-2017 with these issues.

Usually there will be markings on the outside to identify it as a demarc - the phone company logo, or simply words relating to telephone or the abbreviation NID = network interface device - a fancy name for a demarc.

So once you've located the demarc, go ahead and open it.

Crawford, on the other hand, likely won't miss more than a game or two with his problem.

We'll go ahead and put him in for now, as there's still a good chance he won't miss any time. For now, we'll defer to Crawford as the veteran and Woods as one of the standout players from last year.

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If you cannot find your demarc at all, contact your telephone company and either have them find it or install one.

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