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If you’re not in a huge hurry and don’t mind offering to get bumped, this move increases your chances of getting an upgrade.If you do get pushed to the next flight, you will usually get a free trip to use within a year, and in some cases, spending cash.Based on Nginx’s great article, one of the objectives of API Gateway is to enable request rerouting.

Now I want to create my own API Gateway using Express JS.

If economy class has been overbooked and there are seats in business, make sure you’re quick to offer (this helps when you’re sitting in the first couple of rows).

You might also get an upgrade if there is a problem with your seat or your neighboring passenger. Become a member of your airline's frequent flyer program.

Here will our system design will be when we implement API Gateway on our services.

Actually, there are few API Gateway providers out there, like Nginx Plus, Amazon API Gateway, IBM API Connect, and Microsoft Azure API Management.

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We should remember each service’s host so we can retrieve the data. So, we need a mechanism to enable our frontend service call the backend services without knowing where the backend service hosted. The solution that we can do is by using API Gateway.

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