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There is at least one CPAM in every French department (or CGSS for the overseas departments).

You can determine which CPAM or CGSS to apply to for your reimbursement by doing a department-by-department search on the CNAMTS (National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers) website.

The French health system does not usually cover the entire cost of treatment.

Part of the cost, known as the *These out-of-pocket charges may not total more than €50 in any given calendar year.

Please also be aware that there are a few clinics that are not "conventionné"; i.e.

that do not adhere to the national agreement between practitioners and the national health care system.

To prove that the healthcare pathway isn't applicable to you and avoid paying any additional charges, you should show the doctor (whether a general practitioner or specialist) your European Health Insurance Card or Provisional Replacement Certificate.

However, they may be covered by your "mutuelle" or other supplementary insurance.

If you will be needing kidney dialysis or oxygen therapy during your stay, you should make an appointment with a local specialist centre before you come to France.

You pay the doctor directly and the latter will fill out a doesn't apply to non-residents, you can consult a specialist directly without getting a prescription from a general practitioner.

Paramedical services provided by allied health professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) are covered if prescribed by a doctor.

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