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Tree ring dating techniques

How Rings Are Counted Dendrochronolgists do not simply count a tree's rings as it does not ensure accurate dating.There are actually many techniques used to date wood samples accurately.When scientists study samples from different sites within a particular area, they can build a comprehensive historical sequence.Dendrochronology techniques are more consistent in areas with marginal conditions.Rings are studied by making a horizontal cross section cut through the trunk of a tree.

The rings of a tree are the result of new growth occurring in the vascular cambium.History of Tree Ring Dating Tree rings were mentioned first by a Greek botanist named Theophrastus and later by Leonardo da Vinci.Then, in the mid 1700s, French investigators began examining the effect of growing conditions on the shape of a tree's rings.One such dating method is known as the skeleton plot.The skeleton plot is one of the most commonly used method for crossdating tree rings.

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