Teen dating adive

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See the actual picture instead of being influenced by #couplegoals.Your time to make a pre-wedding photoshoot will come but be patient.

Realize the difference between attraction, infatuation, and love. Be the subtle horse who can be an ass and vice-versa.

And for all the introverts out there, be happy you are safe, miles away from this chaotic barter system of dating.

Your time shall come soon, you will get to be part of the storm as well.

What would be the best way to handle this situation as a parent?

It’s fantastic that you’re being proactive and thinking about difficult scenarios that may arise when you do have children, and looking for advice on how to respond to them.

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Before even thinking about dating which mostly would be to quench your curiosity of how the opposite sex reacts and feels like, keep two things in mind.