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Based on this synthesis, we propose a new, unified approach to safety assessment for both food and feed and suggest a suitable decision tree for safety requirements.

Unambiguous identification of lactobacilli is a prerequisite for risk assessment ( Danan, 2004 ).

Lactobacilli were among the first organisms used by man for processing foodstuffs ( Konigs, 2000 ) and for preserving food by inhibiting invasion by other microorganisms that cause foodborne illness or food spoilage ( Adams, 1999 ).

These sweeping changes cause confusion and some previous identifications of lactobacilli may yet be subject to change.

The use of molecular methods has revolutionized identification, improving its quality and efficacy.

Lactobacilli are gram-positive, non spore-forming rods or coccobacilli with a G C content generally in the 33–55% range ( Coenye & Vandamme, 2003 ).

They are strictly fermentative, aerotolerant or anaerobic, aciduric or acidophilic, and have complex nutritional requirements (carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides, fatty acid esters, salts, nucleic acid derivatives, vitamins).

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The European Commission decided to legislate, laying down safety assessment guidelines for microorganisms present in large amounts in food or feed.