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When the word is heard the pupil needs to tear off the word from that list. Once set, these bombs make an exploding noise at random intervals.Another word has taken the first (or last) place on this list. Give the pupils a vocabulary category or a sentence to complete orally. They cannot pass it on unless they have added a new word or phrase.pupils write down about 15 words on a long strip of paper and tear of from the top or bottom when you call the words. If the bomb goes off in their possession they lose a life.

Stress to them that they must prepare in great detail to explain what they were doing last night. You can put these on the board/screen so pupils can read from them later, if necessary.After the first week your membership reverts to 'basic' which is free. I don’t think that you have to use games to teach classes successfully.In order to filter out those who may not have a genuine intention of using this site, we require a Pay Pal authorized one-time (non-repeating) initial fee of 7.99 USD during registration.We have seen that this small step helps to keep most fake profilers at bay.

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Give each pupil a piece of A4 paper which is then divided lengthways so that each pupil has a long strip of paper.

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