Score dating game commands

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Score dating game commands

How to raise Academic: the easiest way is to attend to Saiko’s lessons at school ( 3 for each half-day session without any stamina cost).

The protagonist can also study by himself in his room (2 hours, Academic 1, Stamina -15) or in a library (2 hours, Academic 2, Stamina -15).

Combined together, they give a third score called Mood (10 x Ob, then add Affection).

The Obedience score is capped by the level: you will have to change the girl’s level to be able to rise the Obedience score higher than this cap.

Changing Obedience level: When the Obedience score reach its limit, the concerned girl cannot gain any Obedience point until she changes level.

Finally, he can also pay to have some private lesson with Saiko (40 $ for 2 hours: Academic 3, Stamina –0…

if he doesn’t spend this time by doing something else with her).

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