Sccm collection ou not updating

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As Jon Lambert says, AD scanning needs to be enabled, and you need to check you are scanning the right part of AD.Build a website from the ground up by first learning the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3, the two popular programming languages used to present content online. I have made a New Collection with Resource Class System Resource where System Resource - System OU Name and I have selected the OU value which SCCM get from AD. By default these only run once a day, so you may want to increase the frequency of the discoveries. My collections are not updating correctly from Active Directory OU. Also, you may want to try to right click the collection and choose all tasks Update..then Right click the collection and choose Refresh.. To get discovery information such as OU, you must enable Active Directory System Group discovery as well as Active Directory System discovery.

Microsoft are aware of the fact that some machines list as not having a client even though its properties show it has one.

Note you don't want to set these very short or your client data will be getting deleted due to relatively brief period of inactivity.

To summarize, there is a one way sync from AD - You need to change your Discovery Data deletion task settings in Site Maintenance. You may also want to configure the Inactive Client deletion task settings.

/topic/1064-sccm-2007-guides/ Finally, you can use the Policy Spy to double check your boundaries: It can be downloaded here:

familyid=948e477e-fd3b-4a09-9015-141683c7ad5f&displaylang=en When you run it, look in the lower right hand side to see if there is a Resident MAangement point or odd servers listed for the client: 2-18-2010-7-50-29Hello Experts. Don't forget, stuff takes time to come through on SCCM.

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My SCCM clients are showed Up with Status Yes but the problem is Resource Explorer is empty of many clients. Other Agents are working fine like remote Tool and remote Assistance. How long have the clients been showing up in the SCCM console.