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It is very important to read the Undergraduate Handbook.

Questions about degree requirements can also be directed to Shannon Marrero.

They do not appear on your Syracuse University transcript.

A copy of your approved/denied petition will be placed in your file to be included with the graduation paperwork for the Graduate School.

If students wish to add a CAS to their graduate studies, we strongly encourage students to add their chosen CAS in their second semester of study.

The final deadline for students to add a CAS is the financial deadline to drop a class of their final semester of study.

Our spring block is now run but we will have new summer block dates coming soon.

Requirements for your degree are found in the Undergraduate Advising Handbook that you were given when you began your program.

Since the Proposal for Independent Study is required to register for Independent Study, registration for the course cannot be done online. The name of your faculty advisor can be found on your transcript on My Slice. This form should then be given to Shannon Marrero for processing.

You can read more about the beneficial byproducts of creative experiences in our news section.

Workshops About me The Golden Rules Of Blogging During 2019 we are introducing a workshop facility.

Our workshops are for young people and their helpful adult, that will support them. We encourage young people to lead the way with the assistance of their helpful adult, who needs to document the process (taking photos, notes, scribing and praising their efforts) and we also ask that all participants & helpful adults join in the workshops and try out new skills as well as foster new communication skills with each other. There is much research that points to the benefits of engaging in creative activities and the impact that has on people of all ages.

Creative engagement particularly helps with communication, confidence, minimising stress and maximising happiness!

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Visit the academic calendar to view the financial deadline to drop a class.