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The actual plugin data doesn't get stored in the snapshot, so (for example) you can send snapshots out to remote users to compare their plugins with those in the host database, to find out exactly what's there and what isn't.

Printing: That's right - no more copying and pasting!

Electrician is the only program around that will extract and decode these sub-objects, allowing you to read and search on those properties - one of which just happens to be the database field the control is bound to. It also does the same thing for menu and toolbar plugins. Search for strings in embedded Word templates and Crystal Reports without having to extract them first!

And stop wading through lengthy XML Schemas that don't have any line breaks.

Now, before an installation update can begin, if an Installation Password has been set by the administrator, the user will have to supply a valid Installation Password before they will be able to proceed with installing the update. When a Quote Werks update was just installed and a workstation runs Quote Werks for the first time, it will now prevent other workstations from running Quote Werks while Quote Werks is upgrading the data to the new Build. Most data stored in files has been moved into database tables.

All of the settings that have been transferred to database tables can be viewed from the new Settings Manager accessible by clicking on the [Settings Manager] button on the System tab of the Help-10.

(Check out our sample CSV file.) You can also view plugin data using the built-in Hex Viewer, decode . It works with any version of Sales Logix, with both ADO and BDE connections fully supported in the same EXE - there's no need for two separate versions. CHECK OUT SOME OF THESE USEFUL FEATURES: Advanced Search Capabilities: With Electrician you can search upwards as well as downwards, use regular expressions as search terms, and ignore case.Custom Queries and Other Tables: As if selecting plugins by type, family, company, author, user, project, or installed-bundle-list (all with optional date and BASEDON/Dev/Released criteria) isn't enough, Electrician lets you store your own SQL WHERE clauses that appear in their own folder-like tree node. Sales Logix and the Sales Logix Logo are trademarks of Interact Commerce Corporation, a Division of Best Software. And since Electrician can also display decoded BLOB contents from other Sales Logix tables that contain BLOBs, it's useful for diagnosing all sorts of problems with user settings, subscription, and security.2003-2005 JH3 Software LLC. JH3 Software's ELECTRICIAN for Sales Logix is an essential utility for Sales Logix developers, integrators, and administrators.It helps you document, search, organize, and make sense of your plugins, subscription data, system and user information, and more.

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