Romeo and juliet dating law

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Romeo and juliet dating law

Romeo and Juliet laws address the issue of consensual sex between teens and young adults.Historically, these young adults could be charged with statutory rape when engaging in a relationship or sexual relations with someone who is technically under the age of consent.It also shows the age differences allowed by the state’s Romeo and Juliet law.It is important to notice that not all states have Romeo and Juliet laws.Statutory rape laws date back centuries, having been put into place to protect minors who were not mature enough to give consent.Statutory rape laws originally protected only female victims from male perpetrators.Once registered as a sex offender, the offender is required to check in at certain intervals, and he must notify the authorities when he moves.

To explore this concept, consider the following Romeo and Juliet laws definition.Romeo and Juliet laws are clauses built into statutory rape laws in some states.These laws address situations in which two individuals who are close in age, and one of whom is not yet of legal age, engage in consensual sexual relations.In many jurisdictions, the adult may face severe statutory rape penalties, even if the underage party consented to the act.Statutory rape is set apart from child molestation or forcible rape, in that, had both parties been above the age of consent, the act would not be considered a crime.

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In Texas, the legal age of consent for sex is 17, but the state’s Rome and Juliet law allows an age gap of 3 years, in the event one party has reached the age of majority.

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