Reasons dating young

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It’s like I forgot that I was a woman and he was there to remind me.” She continues, “After six years together, I’d like to say his age is irrelevant, but it’s not.

Sharon, Faith, Sylvia and Maureen may have different motivations for their dating choices, but they share one thing in common: they’re self-proclaimed cougars who believe that their lives are enriched by the younger men they choose to date.

This is so because younger women admire older men, and they do not need anything else.

But, a woman of the same age needs stability and success.

Since young women have more energy, they are more attractive to older men.

People who have not achieved a lot in their life, dating young and good-looking women is some type of validation.

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I don’t feel like his mother — I wouldn’t be into that, but I do feel like he’s more playful and less jaded because he’s a bit younger.” Faith was married at a young age and her husband was only seven years her senior, but she describes him as “a generation ahead in values.” He expected her to fulfill traditional gender roles — and despite the fact that she had a law degree, he didn’t want her to work outside of the home.

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