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Reading online dating profiles

Combining the angle of the gaze and the distance between the eyes and the screen leads to accurate tracking of the eye's movements.Although you might not know it, your eyes are constantly moving, making quick adjustments to take in details.If she’s under the age of 33, the vast majority of stuff about “what a woman wants in a guy” on a woman’s profile is . things like her age and her job and where she lives, that stuff is probably true. Women say these things because that’s what society trains them to say, not because any of it’s true. Getting all pumped up about some super hot chick who’s sounds perfect even though you haven’t even emailed her yet severely damages your confidence, frame, and outcome independence. I can think of few things more AFC-like and frame-damaging than getting all excited about some chick’s profile you haven’t even been out on a date with yet. But all the stuff about what she “wants” and the “type of guy she likes” and what she “doesn’t want”…that stuff is all complete and total crap and has nothing to do with whether or not she’ll actually have sex with you. None of it is accurate, and none of it is relevant. Women are HORNY AS HELL and are DYING to have sex with a confident, outcome independent, non-creepy man…all their silly parameters be damned. I have been out on more first dates than the average 20 men will ever have in their lives put together. I can count on less fingers on one hand the number of first dates I had where I ended up with a weirdo because I didn’t read a profile. The vast, vast majority of women are there are completely “normal”. You need these things, badly, if you want to be successful with women. You don’t get to know a woman from her online profile. For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.

For those of you who have asked me “How can you email so many women so fast? With many women I hadn’t read their profile until after I had sex with them. Women are going to hate me telling you this, but it’s true. It wastes your time, fills you with nonsense about what she supposedly “doesn’t want”, and damages your frame.What I do is glance at a gal’s photos to see if she’s hot, quickly glance at where she lives to ensure she doesn’t live too far away (my rule: I will not drive more than 45 minutes from my home), and if she’s on Plenty of Fish I will give one extra glance to make sure she’s not there for “Intimate Encounter” which will screw up my account if I email her.I run my blitzes based on age, so I don’t need to check that. If those three things check out, boom, I hit the ol’ CTRL-V, paste my opener in there, and then I’m on to the next woman. Even if you’re a good-looking guy with a fantastic profile, most women you email won’t even respond to you.The results show that men spend 65 percent more time looking at photos than women.Women, on the other hand, spent 50 percent more time than men actually reading the profiles.

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