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There are a number of fine books on dating for single parents out there, but until you’ve read a few, keep these tips in your back pocket in case of emergency. Scott Carroll is an associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and is the Director of Psychiatric Consultation Services at the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital where he specializes in pediatric psycho-oncology and neuropsychiatry.He is also a full mesa carrying shaman in the Andean tradition and the founder of the Ayni Neuroscience Institute, which is dedicated to the integration of indigenous healing wisdom and cutting edge neuroscience.I have seen parents lie about dating, sometimes for years, and when the child eventually finds out, they can be devastated.You don’t want to introduce your children to who you are dating, but you do want them to know that you are dating again and are not getting back together with the ex.Children often emotionally attach to any adult they are frequently around.So every time you break up with someone your kids spend time with, they have to grieve the loss as well. Plus, you are exposing them to someone you barely know.

And it can get a little tougher if you've chosen not to have kids.

There are of other options out there, including regular dating apps and websites. Elite Singles' childfree dating section is similar to their unfiltered dating service, but you get to "avoid" any of the awkwardness or stress that might happen when someone asks if you see yourself with kids.

You can just make it clear that you are childfree on your profile or from the start. You can also use the online website or the dating app if you're on the go.

Again, pedophiles are usually attracted to a specific age and gender, so don’t give them what they are looking for online.

All you need to say is “I have children” or “my children are grown.” A decent person doesn’t need to know anything more than that to decide whether or not they’d like to go on a date with you.

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Children and teens don’t have the cognitive and emotional maturity necessary to understand and cope with adult sexuality.

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