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if anybody has got something like a site or anything.. They have great sustain and are some what collectable because of the very low production numbers . They have a unique sound that rivals the Gibson and there construction is amazing.

I'm looking for suggestions on buying used or biting the bullet and going for the new amp. The difference between a "stock" (Unmodified) 95 Nashville 400 and a late 96 is the factory tone mod.

I read somewhere that it was made by Taradega and was a poor man's Martin spinoff. beautiful sounding guitar all rosewood body and neck spruce top very accurate tuners. There is a very nice one here in a local music store but its priced a little high for its condition at 795.00.

Jan 1967 KAY Jumbo Western Acoustic - natural 1969 KENT Semi - hollow body electric 1974 JAGARD Mark 31LV Tobacco Sunburst, rosewood fretboard 2011 YAMAHA CPX1200 Acoustic/Electric - Translucent black, Ebony fretboard 2012 FENDER Telecaster American made - Natural, Maple fretboard I have one of those too... I bought one about 5 years ago for 400.00 and fell in love with the clean tones.

Most guitar manufacturers put a serial number on each instrument they produce.

This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made.

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