Opsview odw not updating

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Opsview odw not updating

For 10.04LTS/12.04LTS users you need to check the "Release upgrade - Show new distribution releases" drop-down to make sure "Long term support releases only" is selected, and change it if otherwise.See the Trouble-shooting section below for more details.The bar also incorporates their Table football with a speed-dating night, yes you read correctly.There were French Table football tables, formica furniture, bare walls and bright lights.It turns out that since RSA was installed the Security Console Super Admin account had its password changed and in the updated documentation we lost the details of the password for the Operations Console as the two passwords are not linked.

Luckily the account was still listed and we just needed to enable this and perform a swift “runas” to bring up a command prompt as that user.

If you download an ISO, the recommendation is to perform a md5sum check to ensure both the ISO downloaded and the burned CD are valid.

If your 10.04/12.04 or 11.10/13.10 update-manager does not prompt you to upgrade, then check your software sources to see if it is set to "Never". It will still be there the next week and the next month... It will be very frustrating and painful if the server goes down during the upgrade.

If it is then change the value to "Long Term Support Releases Only" (10.04 LTS/12.04 LTS) / "For any new version" (11.10/13.01): Here is my advice as a tutorial-like answer, based on my experience upgrading. First of all we have to check if the new version is available. If your distro is no longer supported you will need to search for old mirrors for a copy of this package before you can use this upgrade method. If the version is not available then check one more thing.

This procedure was tested by me, and it worked as it should. Open this file: You have to remove all the PPAs you have added in the past.

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