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Breaking up with someone is always a terrible experience because no matter how good or bad that relationship was, the pair had been through a special time together.Some people just take a few days to get over someone, while …Artist Turns Daily Life Into Comics That You Will Find Them Relatable Collection by Katie Thi Cre: Ketnipz 18-year-old Harry Hambley is the artist behind Ketnipz comics. Every day I receive many questions with the same content asking about “when I can find love” or “ how to find the true love of my life”.The UK-based artist chose a simple fun style to present his ideas. You know, finding love is actually not as difficult as …What are the benefits of dating online and what recommendations you need to follow to have a successful date?

This is a great chance to meet your soul mate and build a strong relationship.

The main goal of online dating is to get to know each other better and find common topics for conversation.

Therefore, the main attention will be paid to your hobbies, work, and interests.

This can negatively affect the general impression of the partner about the date and about you in particular.

If it is appropriate, you can have a cup of tea or coffee.

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Therefore, I decided to write about the unique characteristics...

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