Olivia wilde dating history

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Olivia wilde dating history

Jason didn't waste any time before he asked Olivia to marry him.While this might be a red flag for some in today's world, it is actually pretty sweet to see how intense their love really is at the end of the day.We would love to know more details about how he actually asked her out, but for now, it's sweet to see the two still happily together, even after all this time. It’s like dating-plus.” Honestly, we’re just so glad to see that these two decided to stay together forever, and we hope they continue to do so, because the way they interact with each other and how they have created their own unique little lifestyle with their children and careers is inspiring in so many different ways.Sometimes, waiting doesn't seem like the best choice for everyone! I don’t think you should spend your entire engagement planning a wedding. We can’t wait to see how they involve their careers more into their lives in the future.It just proves you never really know what goes on in a person’s head, you can never just assume someone is confident when they have a struggle this big in their life.

Many individuals, even TV hosts these two have been interviewed by, have straight out asked them how someone like Jason was able to score with someone like Olivia Wilde.

It does seem to have worked out for the better because they're still quite the perfect and happy family, but it does make you wonder because this timeline of events would not work for everyone, that's for sure!

Sometimes, the children topic, no matter how much someone is a fan of yours, can drive people mad.

It’s also pretty adorable that Olivia was the one who fell for him first when they met, how could she go on without him, the world may never know! While many people take their time when they first start dating, these two didn’t take very long at all before they decided to take their relationship to the next level. I actually came off looking a lot cooler than I really am because I had heard through the grapevine, through mutual friends that weren’t exactly her best girlfriends that would report back, ‘Oh you know, I think she’s dating someone…’ So I didn’t make any sort of moves…I was just very, very busy with other things.

Even while so many people didn’t understand why someone like Olivia would go for someone like Jason. And then, next thing you know, when I stopped being busy, she stopped dating someone, and then it was off to the races.” It’s quite amazing how something like this simple interaction could lead to life-changing events that are still shaping their lives to this very moment.

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It's also quite amazing knowing that even though these two as a couple have been so ridiculed because of their relationship and family, they still seem to not give a care in the world about those who have nothing to do with their relationship. Their relationship had them both feeling like the whole thing was a fairytale when they started dating.

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