Nigerian dating scams 419 scams good profiles for dating websites

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Nigerian dating scams 419 scams

I lived and breathed this “relationship” only to find out it was all lies!

I just could not wrap my mind around what had just happened.

If the victim has no money the scammer will try to entice the victim to participate in one of these other scams all the while making it sound completely legitimate.

If you have been approached or you know someone close to you who has been approached in a similar manner, please do not hesitate to get help. You also can go to our chat room website and talk in real time to other scam victims who have found healing and peace with what has happened to them and wish to share what they’ve learned with you.

For this they will say that “How can you accuse me of such things and tell me you love me? Or the first request might be for merchandise of some kind, usually cell phones or laptops, but often for clothing.

Sometimes the scammer will get the victim’s home address and send flowers or candy or a teddy bear.

That’s what you do, you get someone new and start dating and you will be right as rain!

NOT It didn’t work of course as I was still so caught up in my emotions over what had happened that every little thing about any new man I met either reminded me of my scammer and made me terrified, or he didn’t measure up to what I wanted, that fantasy the scammer had created for me. I cried and moaned and felt completely miserable and out of touch.

I don’t know, but I do know the anger seemed to give me a purpose again. Then I started saying to myself, if you forget about this guy and try to find someone new everything will be alright!In this case they are prepping the victim for what is known as a reshipping scam or check cashing scam for which they need to verify the victim’s home address is real.If the victim has money the scammer will ask for money.Romance scammers mostly come out of West Africa, from the countries of Nigeria and Ghana, although other countries, such as Malaysia, and Russia also have romance scammers in force.They work in teams and work around the clock at scamming victims because to them, this is a job and nothing more.

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Scammers steal photos from modeling websites and from public social networking websites (a great reason to keep your privacy settings to “friends only”).

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