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It's better to hide them with the garment, rather than with the socks.

You cannot wear tight khuff (leather slippers, ed) because they show the shape of the foot.

In the mixed beaches, some take a bath in galabia (long white tunic) and with the veil. Islamic sexual morality is profoundly different from that of the Christian Church.

Islamic sexual morality is profoundly different from the new sexual morality, as it does not admit the concept of free sex.

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The sexual instinct is a creative order that Allah has infused to human nature.

As for clothing, Muslim brides have to let the robe down under the ankles, so that it covers the feet.Islam aims to teach Muslims how to satisfy their sexual instincts in a responsible way, not to repress them.Islam recognizes the sexual needs of human beings and believes that natural instincts should be educated, not repressed.It is no coincidence that they are worn mostly by men. They also "expose beauty more" and sometimes even make "attractive" noises.But Muslim mail order brides will have to wear them only in front of their husband or, at most, when they are in the company of women only.

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In fact, it is not allowed to wear open shoes that allow them to be seen.

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