Mpd database not updating

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My preferred approach is to let the initial setup use DHCP, and have to find/guess the IP address for the PI.

Also, this section explained how to set up DHCP and DNS so that the PI would have a fixed address and network name.

It uses MPD, the Music Player Daemon, which can be remotely controlled by almost any device with network access (IOS, Android, PC, WEB interface). If you’re a bit lost among the different possibilities, I have written an overview of what I’ve learned about the home music network.

The following describes precisely the steps I took from receiving the Pi to playing music, in the simplest possible way, without exploring too many alternatives.

Configure mpd and ncmpcpp on Linux: Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music.

Now we are going to setup an audio_output This step is optional, you can also choose to let mpd autodetect.

I’ve done a superquick test of the different distributions recently (2019), mostly dealing with installation and setup, and my favorites are Moode Audio if you want a WEB interface, or the lighter Archphile if you can use the nice manual and deal with the Linux command line and editors.

The procedure which follows still works though, and, because it is based on age-old command line steps and standard knowledge, it will hopefully continue to.

If it is much more sophisticated than what I assume, you should be able to extrapolate the appropriate extensions (if you need this text at all…).

May 2019: this page several years old, and there are now much simpler ways to set up an MPD/upmpdcli-based Raspberry Pi music player: download one of the dedicated distributions (Moode Audio, Volumio, Archphile, Pi Music Box and others), copy it to an SD card, boot up the Pi and be up and running.

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This page is more or less dedicated to a headless config, else some things could be done in a simpler way.

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