Mom dating daughter

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It really was a good decision for her, but I must admit I did feel a sense of loss at the news.I figured since I had been selfish in moving across country, I really couldn't begrudge her the decision to attend school wherever she wanted.We didn't chat nearly as often when she was at school as she was busily embracing everything her new freedom had to offer.She made it through her freshman year with honors, and even found a boyfriend she just adored.

Recent events were simply so amazing I just had to get everything down while they were still fresh in my mind.The young woman just so happens to be my loving daughter, Kasey.I'm sure you're wondering how it came to pass, so let me backtrack a bit so you'll better understand just how it was I got here.At times, I actually almost believed it, but deep down I felt ashamed of myself, and lost without her.When I left New York, Kasey was a cute but scrawny thirteen year old young girl.

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She still had her braces on, and wore reading glasses to school, so she was not someone you'd look at and instantly think 'model.' She was smart as a whip though, but a bit on the shy side preferring the role as follower more than leader.

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  1. Claire’s life with Charlie is an always interesting if not deeply devoted one, until Charlie is struck dead one day on the sidewalk by a falling sculpture ... Once a promising young writer, Claire had buried her ambitions to make room for Charlie’s. Over the course of a year, she sees a shrink (or two), visits an oracle, hires a "botanomanist," enjoys an erotic interlude (or ten), eats too little, drinks too much, dates a hockey player, dates a billionaire, dates an actor (not any actor either, but the handsome movie star every woman in the world fantasizes about dating).