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There were many calcareous and iron-manganese nodules (Figure 2).

Moreover, a block of grey calcareous sand was found in the bottom strata (Figure 2).

The study of source to sink dynamics of large river systems such as Changjiang are vital to understand the hydrological, geomorphological, ecological, and anthropogenic modifications in the ever-changing climatic conditions [1,2,3].

In contrast, high proportions of unstable mineral (amphibole 40%) in the Pleistocene strata indicate relatively weak chemical weathering or minor diagenetic effects [3,27].

The high heavy mineral concentration (HMC) values in some of the Pleistocene samples define a placer trend, probably due to hydraulic sorting [13,20].

The Quaternary strata comprised several sedimentary sequences, which were composed of sand at the bottom and clayey silt at the top, suggesting a fluvial environment (Figure 2).

In some mid–late Quaternary sediments, foraminifera and shell debris were easily found, implying marine transgression since then [3,23,27].

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