Live update not updating vietnames culture dating us

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Live update not updating

Thanks Hello, Your issue is not related to 3.5.20 bug (a missing file for fresh install) but that Live Updater integrated in i Cagenda (Live Updater was initially developed by Akeeba) can't process the connexion with Joomli C server.Could you test if you can check other extensions update and process update using Joomla Extensions manager ?For more detailed descriptions of all the new features and a full list of stability enhancements, please be sure to visit our release notes here.To download a Firmware Update, navigate to the MPX or MPC Live product page and click on Downloads to find the v2.5 Mac, PC, and USB Update Image download links: Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

i Cagenda is available: Update Now - No version update or anything. which is weird that I'm getting an automatic update from here.

Please investigate and assist me asap with new instructions on how to fix this. Thanks for reading there is this problem I just noticed on the right-hand column of the dashboard.

i Cagenda Live Update: PLG_QUICKICON_ICAGENDAUPDATE_NOT_SUPPORTED Please also refer to this link.

About your issue, in fact, it seems just to be a temporary server issue, and perhaps related to a minor bug, solved, and just needed the time for server propagation to be back again ok (could take 24h for server to be updated from what is set, and what you get as result).

In all cases, this is not (i'm pretty sure ) related to caching So, great that all is back ok for you now! But at the same time a stranger warning appeared about xml urls that are http and not https. But at the same time a stranger warning appeared about xml urls that are http and not https.

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