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Click through The Wrap's gallery to see the premiere dates for all the series that are coming back in the coming months.And to see when all 22 new broadcast shows are premiering, click here."I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders," moans Lindsay, crawling around the bathroom floor in a jeweled ball gown wearing pounds of black eye makeup.

When the family refuses, she follows them down the street, urging the children to come with her and yelling at them in Arabic.Lindsay Lohan got a fist in the face after accusing a Syrian refugee family of “trafficking” and trying to take the children from their parents.The viral video, which is believed to have been filmed in Moscow and posted to Lohan’s Instagram account, starts with the actress approaching a family in the street and saying to her viewers, “I just want to show you a family I met, a Syrian refugee family.Lindsay Lohan nude pictures, Lindsay Lohan naked photos, Lindsay Lohan hot images and much more about Lindsay Lohan wild side of life…Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, known for “The Parent Trap”, “Freaky Friday” and “Bobby”. This time it is for her probable romantic involvement with the bloodthirsty Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman. There is a floating rumor that Lindsay Lohan is getting close to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman.

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