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Lifo dating requirements for food

Indeed, the key findings from our survey should be eye-opening for food distributors: Consumers’ Shopping Decisions" / The findings from our survey show that expiration dates are more than just a food safety measure—they also play a crucial role in consumers’ shopping decisions.Of course, food safety is still mission-critical for distributors.The level of control you need over expiration dates will ultimately depend on the types of food you handle—so it’s important to remember that not all FEFO solutions are created equal.The term can refer to two inventory management methods with very different levels of technological complexity: Dynamic FEFO is a complex, expensive technology.Wireless sensors must be installed in storage locations and trucks to continuously monitor the temperature levels products are exposed to.This information then feeds into software that automatically calculates expiration dates for items using algorithms.Basic FEFO may be offered in: included in all inventory and warehouse management systems.Generally, only those systems capable of tracking lot numbers offer FEFO capabilities.

Indeed, our survey shows that nearly all consumers (94 percent) check expiration dates while making purchase decisions at the store: Perhaps the most striking trend we can observe in this chart is that nearly half of the consumers in our sample check expiration dates for all products, regardless of the type of food they’re buying.Dynamic FEFO is only offered by vendors specializing in cold chain technology that also sell the necessary wireless sensors.Now, let’s turn to the research data to explore the impact of expiration dates on consumer behavior.But when we add in consumers who find these items on a weekly basis, we see that nearly half our sample (43 percent) refuse to purchase an item based on its expiration date at least once a week.What’s more, consumers find food that’s already expired on a regular basis: The fact that 40 percent of our sample find expired food on retail shelves at least once a month is cause for concern.

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The answer is simple: The retail landscape is changing, and consumers are demanding more information than ever about the food products they purchase.

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