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The thinkers of the Enlightenment reasoned that law governed both heavenly and human affairs, and that law gave the king his power, rather than the king's power giving force to law.

In the Buddhist Maurya Empire of ancient India, citizens of all religions and ethnic groups had some rights to freedom, tolerance, and equality.Roman law also embraced certain limited forms of liberty, even under the rule of the Roman Emperors.However, these liberties were accorded only to Roman citizens.The Magna Carta (originally known as the Charter of Liberties) of 1215, written in iron gall ink on parchment in medieval Latin, using standard abbreviations of the period.This document is held at the British Library and is identified as "British Library Cotton MS Augustus II.106"."This, then, is one note of liberty which all democrats affirm to be the principle of their state. This, they say, is the privilege of a freeman, since, on the other hand, not to live as a man likes is the mark of a slave.

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