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Some are playing the long game to get a serious boyfriend and reap the rewards that come with that later… Always meet in a public place first before going anywhere (especially to her place).

You don’t want to be all drunk and horny then get mugged in an ‘In Bruges’ style setup.

Do you want to wow her by taking her for an expensive meal, or maybe to a skybar?

Date ideas: Coffee shop (day date) / walk around a park (day date) / a few casual drinks in a bar / play a few games of pool / evening meal in a restaurant / meet at a BTS station and then make it up as you go along etc…

Whether you’re looking to find your soulmate, a high class girl, or simply a bit of fun (fun = sex), it’s all available online if you search for it.

Thai people are almost always on their smartphones, and online dating is a way of life for many.

TIP 4 Sign up for free to Thai Friendly at first as this will enable you to browse all the ladies’ profiles.

However, you will be restricted to sending one private message every 10 minutes which is obviously not ideal. on a 2 week Thai holiday) then definitely upgrade to unlock the better features on Thai Friendly.

It caters for everyone, from young to old, from people looking for a serious relationship or those just interested in a fling.Secure all your belongings (passport, money, laptop) before bringing her back to your place.Wear a condom for obvious reasons and stock up on them in your home country before travelling to Thailand.Try to incorporate hobbies and common interests in the dates as it helps initially. Never go to the cinema on the first date as it’s always weird sitting next to a stranger in virtual silence.Show up to your date smiling as you’ll probably both be a little anxious, ask questions and show interest.

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TIP 5 If you are an average to good looking caucasian male you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to set up dates.

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