Jordan and lachlan beauty and the geek dating

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Jordan and lachlan beauty and the geek dating

To make sure there are no leaks about who gets eliminated, contestants are sent back to a hotel when they're voted off.

They must remain there, with limited human contact, until filming wraps.

They find themselves liking these men for who they are, helping them penetrate the social boundaries that have hindered them for years.

The Australian version comes out a little cleaner and more polished, whereas the US version is more rough around the edges.

Unfortunately, they were effectively forbidden after the series, at least until it aired on TV.

According to Nate Dern (above left), castmates aren't allowed to talk to each other after filming until the show airs on TV.

"She was the main relationship of my life after we got together when I was 18," Storkey told But we split up just around the time she got pregnant and she has since married." Fans accused Storkey of being a "fake" alleging he couldn't possibly be the virginal, socially inept geek the show painted him to be if there was definitive proof that he was, in fact, not a virgin.

Of course, a rep for the series claimed they never cast geeks based on their sexual history.

The whole concept is definitely a geek fantasy, and one wonders what the girls really sign up for, (apart from the money.) They pair off and live together in the same room and bed for 6 or so weeks in a mansion setting.

(They refer to the events as weeks apart, but who knows the actual filming schedule.) Everyone seems to make friends easily, and that is probably the greatest benefit for all involved - these socially awkward young men learning how to talk to and be around women that heretofore would not give them the time of day.

Without question, the emotional and physical transformations are genuine and highly appropriate.

Season 3 geek Nate Dern (above right) told UCB Comedy that he ended up kissing "beauty" Jennylee Berns (above left), a UFC ring girl, during one alcohol-fueled night.

Their minor romance was completely transformed in the edit room.

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At that point, she had apparently fallen into the arms of Frankie Muniz. Though the show was touted as a "social experiment" rather than a dating show, any time you pair up eight dudes with eight women, sparks are bound to fly.