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They're concerned their parents are out of the loop of dating and going to pick someone who is going to treat them badly," says Stacy Kaiser, a Southern California psychotherapist who works with the women on "Diet Tribe," Lifetimes' reality show about five female friends who try to lose weight and get fit.Kaiser is also a former consultant for the Jewish dating site Instead, her husband comes out as gay, admits he’s been having a 20-year affair, and divorces her.Suddenly Grace’s perfect life is flipped upside down, and she has to learn how to be single after 40 years of marriage.The number of e users who identify themselves as 45 years or older and divorced has more than doubled in the past eight years, says Gian Gonzaga, senior researcher for the site, which has had 20 million members since it started in 2000.Registered users ages 45-64 jumped 9 percent from 2007-2008, Becky Teraoka, the site's public relations manager said.

For some children, this new role can mean supporting and encouraging a parent who is dating online, rather than throwing up roadblocks. Anderson had reason to believe in e Harmony, having used the service to find his wife, Tracy, whom he married in 2005.But she ran into an unexpected obstacle: her daughter, April, 31, who became furious with her mother for even trying after she launched her Internet search for men last spring."Every time I would go online, she'd have a hissy fit, and say I wasn't safe, and yadda yadda," says Potter, a nursing instructor from Buffalo Grove, Illinois."There's creepy people out there," says April, a medical coder from Lena, Illinois."Online, they are complete strangers, and they can lie to you about anything and everything." Plus, she points out, her mother "hadn't dated in years and years and years." Susan eventually quit online dating -- after too many miscues with men who, indeed, were not who they portrayed themselves to be -- and joined a singles club.

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When Eunice Webb, a 73-year-old widow and retired teacher in New Prague, Minnesota, grew lonely and contemplated buying a dog for company, her son, Todd Anderson, suggested she get a man instead. "When it came to my mother, I had absolutely no reservation. Keep details to yourself Still, says Kaiser, for many grown children, having a parent suddenly jump into the dating pool -- and a virtual one at that -- is a shock, especially if the parent begins dating numerous people, and perhaps having sex with new partners.

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