Is postdating a check illegal in colorado dating nurses in minneapolis mn

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Is postdating a check illegal in colorado

You can try to cash a postdated check early, but it may or may not work.

Banks may be willing or simply ignore the date, and, as mentioned, aren’t legally obligated to delay unless they have explicit, often written instructions from the writer.

It’s best to talk to the payee beforehand and work out an agreement.

Find out if they would, instead, simply be willing to accept payment later.

The biggest reason for postdating today is that you do not have the funds in your checking account to cover payment, but you will after the postdate.

This is usually because you are waiting on a paycheck.

Do not be surprised if they do not allow it, however, even if it is in line with state laws.

It could be to cover rent, or pay a vendor for a service, or even simply a personal check to a friend or family member.

Most frequently, postdating a check is an effort to avoid fees.

Only rely on postdated checks if it is a last resort, and you do not have the funds available, and the payee is unwilling to work with you on when they receive the payment, as they might see holding a check as an escrow situation.

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(a) “Check” means a written, unconditional order to pay a sum certain in money, drawn on a bank, payable on demand, and signed by the drawer.

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