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Palo santo oil was used during the time of the Incas for its reputed spiritual purifying properties.Today, palo santo oil may be applied to the body (such as at the base of the skull or on the spine) to increase relaxation, similar to aromatherapy.

In the spring of 1996, they all left Cascade to start Cadia Networks.

The charcoal of palo santo sticks can also be used for ritual smudging.

Palo santo wood has also been used in indigenous medicine in South America.

In northwest Argentina, the Criollo people burned the wood of Aura palo santo together with the leaves of Ruta chalepensis.

The resulting smoke was blown into the ears of patients with otitis.

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When used as an ingredient in cosmetics the INCI name "Bursera graveolens wood oil" should be listed. graveolens is traditional in South America, especially in Ecuador.

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