Interspecies dating

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Unless you believe human animals are innately superior to all other animals such that other animals have no rights humans are bound to respect, killing is the ultimate trespass on the rights of others and it requires justification.

In the kind of killing we are about to discuss, the victims you hear about as individuals are always anthropomorphized to some degree, starting with having names.

He's also a first-rate storyteller, and his accounts of science and scientists gone spectacularly wrong are page-turners. Drug Enforcement Administration still presents the now-disavowed finding as fact on its website, check it out for yourself at

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She also reveals secrets of the penile pricking ring, the prescription-strength vibrator and some of the lesser-known health benefits of orgasm—it cures intractable hiccups and, for people with spinal cord injury, relieves leg stiffness and muscle spasms.

Oh, and about those other primates—one devoted servant of science wrote a master's thesis about manually stimulating the clitoral area and vagina of chimpanzee females.

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True to its owner's manual intent, it gives instructions for overcoming jet lag and explains how to hear better on your cell phone in a noisy room.

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