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Essentially, if you were darker than the brown bag, you could not get into the […] Amber Roberson-Rowell, Essex, MD.That was my second incident of prejudice and what instilled in me that race–the color of my skin–was a problem.I feel that no matter what your ethnicity is people will always […] Tian Mc Pherson, Baltimore, MD. If a country practiced slavery, the racism problem is already inside it. Ours is an adopted family: my wife and I have two daughters, both of whom are Caucasian, as we are.It’s been there, largely unseen or easy to neglect… We adopted them through agencies, the older when we lived in New York; the younger when we lived in Florida.

When people ask me where I […] Jarret Cummings, Rockville, MD My wife and children are members of the Cherokee Nation, but we have the good fortune to live in an area where they are unlikely to face discrimination. Yet, Albert Einstein was a German Jew whose prominence in the scientific community reached celebrity status.

Frankly what I do know is much more […] Tho Nguyen, Greenbelt, MD.

Tho is from Vietnam and grew up in Tacoma Amanda is from Oroville, grew up in the Tri-Cities Tho and Amanda met at the Barnes and Noble in the U-Village while Tho was writing his dissertation Tho and Amanda lived in Vietnam for 4 years since 2008 Amanda learned Vietnamese. I’m tired of not been seen as having the same rights as white people (especially after 9/11).

Somewhere in Japan is a snapshot of a black man, an oriental man, and a white man galloping down the Lincoln Memorial steps arm-in-arm with three wildly various white women, one petite in shorts and dark braids, one sleepy-eyed blonde earth-mother, and me in bib-front overalls.

I think we all […] Wilhelmina Street, Baltimore, MD. It basically means the cells that make skin color stop doing that.

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Actually, more people of our very own race seem to struggle with the idea of an extremely light person marrying someone who is extremely dark. All though you can’t see it as well in lighter complexions, anyone from any race can develop it, and at the age of about 30, I became one of the 1% […] Reginald Leroy Johnson, Randallstown, MD.

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