Halal dating tumblr sex dating off web browser on cell phone

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Halal dating tumblr

There was one man who lived in my vicinity, but it sounded like he essentially wanted a Muslim woman to babysit his future children.

I didn’t accept his offer to connect on the site, and he proceeded to send me a request to chat every day until I left the site.

In their eyes, online dating probably wouldn’t be halal.

Within a few hours of me registering for the app, I found out I was talking to a distant family friend. This experiment to see if I could bridge the values of my hyphenated identity left me feeling empty. I could’ve stayed for as long as it took to feel normal, or at least get used to the idea.

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As a single Muslim woman in my early 20s, I’ve yet to go on a date with a Muslim man.

The guy advertising for halal sex (whatever that entails) was an exception; most of the other profiles seemed pretty chaste.

However, this preoccupation with what was “halal,” meaning is what is permissible in Islam, ran rampant not on the app and in my mind.

But I ended up feeling that I didn’t have enough experience to know what I wanted in partner.

For now, I’ve decided to go on dates with men who interest me because of their dry sense of humor or their love of hiking meandering mountain trails.

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Like Ishqr, Minder didn’t have many users near where I live. There was no anonymity on Minder, which made me nervous.