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Amargasaurus probably fed at mid-height, as shown by the orientation of its inner ear and the articulation of its neck vertebrae, which suggest a habitual position of the snout 80 centimeters (31 inches) above the ground and a maximum height of 2.7 meters (8.9 feet).

Within the Sauropoda, Amargasaurus is classified as a member of the family Dicraeosauridae, which differs from other sauropods in showing shorter necks and smaller body sizes.

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Amargasaurus was first described in 1991 and contains a single known species, Amargasaurus cazaui.

In life, these spines most likely could have stuck out of the body as solitary structures that supported a keratinous sheath.

An unusual feature were small openings seen on the backside of the skull, the so-called parietal openings or fontanelles.

In other tetrapods, these openings are usually seen only in juveniles and would close as the individual grows.

An alternate hypothesis, now less favored, postulates that they could have formed a scaffold supporting a skin sail.

They might have been used for display, combat, or defense.

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The most striking features of the skeleton were the extremely tall, upwardly projecting neural spines on the neck and anterior dorsal vertebrae.

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