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Moreover the Queensland and Federal governments failed to establish a broader inquiry as the Archbishop had requested - and there are plausible (though unproven) grounds for suspecting that the involvement in child sexual abuse of some officials might constrain the latter's willingness to allow the broader issue to be investigated."An estimated 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys in Australia have been sexually abused before the age of sixteen!

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Overview There has been controversy (as illustrated by some sample articles) over several child abuse cases in institutions established in Queensland by the Anglican church and the way in which these were managed by the Brisbane Diocese Office at the time when Peter Hollingworth, who subsequently became Australia's Governor General, was Archbishop of Brisbane.

Some speculations about this matter are presented below.

In Summary: It will be suggested that, rather than focusing on particular institutions and individuals who have been unable to manage the problem of child abuse, the most important question should be why sexual abuse of children has now emerged as a very widespread problem in the first place.

Brisbane's Anglican Archbishop commissioned an inquiry but unfortunately its terms of reference were too narrow to seriously address the problem of child sex abuse or to take account of the effect of general dysfunctions in the Anglican Church.

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