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Posted by / 11-Oct-2019 18:36

A recent update to Facebook’s Community Guidelines worried some users that the company was placing strict new limits on discussing sex and sexual orientation — but Facebook says users have little reason to worry.

The new Facebook sexual solicitation policy bans "content [that] facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults." It will likely be used most against sex workers, but it covers huge swaths of adult communication.

Content needs to be reported before it’s taken down or reviewed, a spokesperson says.

If you’re in Messenger and chatting with someone who wants to talk about sex, they likely wouldn’t report your message, and Facebook wouldn’t remove it.

However, you could also create Facebook Events for online events like: For more advice on using Facebook Live for your business, check out these posts: How to Use Facebook Live Facebook Live 101 Top 22 Ways to Use Facebook Live to Market Your Business Stories have a way of cutting through the noise and making an impact on people.

They also have a way of getting seen in the Newsfeed!

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Particularly in the case of local businesses, Facebook recommends creating events as a way to elicit engagement and get more visibility in the Newsfeed.

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