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Lee Hyuk-jae (born 4 April 1986), better known by his stage name Eunhyuk (Korean: 은혁; Chinese: 銀赫; Japanese: ウニョク), is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, rapper, actor and MC.He is famously known for being the main dancer of the K-pop mega boy band Super Junior and their subgroups, Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H.There was also a picture that IU posted on Twitter a couple of months ago of her burnt pajamas after her "ramen incident".The picture was to signify that the pajamas that IU wore in the picture with Eunhyuk was the same as the one that she burnt.With the story trended for a couple of hours, LOEN Entertainment releases a statement regarding this issue.

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All of this speculation started with IU posting the said photo of her and Eunhyuk on Twitter accidentally as it was took down by her 2 minutes later.

Here is the article of IU and Super Junior's Eunhyuk. As hours goes by, in this same article, the Netizens (mostly International fans) that follows commented various opinions ranging from the picture must be photoshopped to making rude remarks about IU.

Also, by keeping the explanation vague shows that they are not in a defensive standpoint and that reflects their sincere apology.

Even though they did not go into the details of the picture, being IU on her pajamas and Eunhyuk appears shirtless, it allowed the readers to make an assumption on what happened between the two before the picture selca.

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By waiting for a response from the companies, the topic slowly began to trend in the Twitter world as well as in the site itself,, with views and shares exceeding 10,000.

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