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Difference between group and single dating

Due to the fact that most people are more familiar with the concept of a support group than a therapy group, I often need to explain the differences to them.

Even other therapists that don’t lead therapy groups can be unfamiliar with the differences between the two types of groups.

You wouldn’t have someone coping with cancer in the same group as someone coping with divorce.It can make the difference between coming through this struggle damaged or stronger than before. You join a therapy group when you have a recurring problem or dissatisfaction with your life and you’ve come to realize that change needs to start with you.The goal of a therapy group is to help you understand yourself better in order to change the thoughts and behaviors that lead to the problems in your life. You cannot change the fact that you have a child with autism or that you’re going through a divorce or that you’ve lost a loved one who died.I would suspect that most support groups simply request that all the members treat each other with respect.Because of the deep work of a therapy group, more commitments are required of the members.

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Group members challenge themselves to be truthful, vulnerable and able to give and receive feedback.

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