Depredating feral hogs dating woman 2 years older

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Depredating feral hogs

Also is there magazine limits, as an AR would be the primary firearm?Another thing we were told is that there is a huge rise in water moccasins in the ponds and owner has been trying to eradicate them, what are the rules on this?Any other insight on anything related to Texas hogs, fish and snakes would be helpful. I suggest having your guy leave a trail of corn along a road before you arrive, so they can get used to the corn being there. There are no laws about shooting snakes to my knowledge, shoot em all.Im not sure about fishing, since it's private property probably not.If so, are their any restrictions to this, ie; can we take the meat or transport?Can we actively stalk/tree stand them, or is it only when the situation presents itself?

Our plan is to fish, off road, target shoot, late night bonfires and brewskies :).

Either way, hunting and fishing licenses can be bought for a short amount of time.

Good luck, send pics Well I was hoping not to have to shell out for a 10 day permit and I know one of us hasn't hunted before, myself and friend have and are experienced in that and could obtain a permit. Hoping more will chime in, as another expense isn't something I really want to add.

Hey /r/hunting Thanks in advance for the help, always loved this community.

Anyway, like the title suggests I need help with a few questions about the Texas wildlife laws.

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My friends uncle said he would put out corn on the feeders.