David spade dating nicollette sheridan

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It wasn’t to last between Spade and Whelan, and they broke things off early 2008.

In fact, Waltz is one lady who could give Spade a run for his money when it comes to her Hollywood conquests over the years having dated Ryan Seacrest, Jesse Mc Cartney, Doug Reinhardt, Chris Pine, and Sean Stewart.

This included Pam kissing the actor on the cheek, but it is unknown if anything went further between the pair or if this was just what happens in Vegas!Just after the turn of the century, the pair parted ways after it seemed that David Spade was not ready to change his playboy ways.together in 1992, David Spade and Kelli Mc Carty quickly fell for one another.Though Sheridan and Spade arrived separately and started dinner in different booths, they couldn't resist each other for long, eventually holing themselves up in a single booth. Later in the evening, Spade "winked at her and stood by her side" while Sheridan — who was joined by castmates Neal Mc Douough, Kyle Mac Lachlan, Felicity Huffman, and Huffman's husband William H.Macy — blew out the candles on her specialty cake, which said "Happy Birthday Princessa."But don't send out a new couple alert yet — despite their PDA, a source says the two are not dating.

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While they drove off into the sunset together in their on-screen love affair, the same cannot be said for real life, and the couple ended things the following year.